Welcome to Specklia’s documentation. If you want to get started quickly, head to the quickstart guide.

Specklia is a cloud-hosted geospatial point cloud database designed for satellite altimetry data, produced by Earthwave Ltd.

When using Earth Observation data, Academics are often presented with deeply nested folder structures containing headers that need to be manually parsed and files that contain large quantites of data not relevant to the current study. Specklia solves this problem by allowing users to request only the data within their desired study region, time period, and other filter criteria, and have it delivered right into their python workspace as a GeoDataFrame, without losing any of the headers and traceability information that standard product files provide.

Specklia was produced using funding from the European Space Agency, and originally designed to host the Cryo-TEMPO EOLIS Products, which are derived from CryoSat-2 data. More information can be found on Specklia’s homepage.

If you’re interested in influencing Specklia’s development, using it in ways that are not immediately enabled by the python client, or you have other support queries, please contact support@earthwave.co.uk.